Royal Majesty Services – Crown Moulding Around a Flat Screen TV

Welcome to the new Royal Majesty Services DOT com. As noted in my about page, I am a professional woodworker for well over a decade.  I love to do all kinds of interior finish carpentry projects and this is my showcase!

I am a master of crown molding installation, base boards, wainscoting, custom mantels, custom cabinets and my favorite entertainment centers.

We do a wide variety of projects each month, so I will try to update this site monthly and showcase my favorite projects from each month.

To get right to it, this month I did a simple project that took me all of about 10 minutes.  That’s right, 10 minutes! What could that be?

Well, it’s a Flat screen TV crown moulding surround.  Of all the projects I have done last month, this one gets the most attention while taking the least amount of time!

Flat Screen TV Crown Moulding SurroundIt makes a plain old flat screen TV hanging on the wall look like a work of art in a fine picture frame.

This project took all of 10 minutes because all you have to do is cut crown molding into 4 pieces, glue them together and then nail them to the wall around the TV.

It’s easier to spray the frame you have made with paint before you install it and do touch ups after you nail it to the wall.

Here’s the process:

1. Measure your TV height and width and add 1 inch to that.  This creates a half inch space around the TV.

2.  Cut the pieces of crown molding, hint: it’s like cutting the opposite way you would cut a room of crown molding – think outside corners.  Do a test piece and don’t screw up all your materials :)

3.  Glue the pieces together. Use a fast acting super glue to make a picture frame.

4.  Nail that sucker to the wall.  Fit the frame around the TV, square it up and nail it into the studs.

5.  Caulk the edges of the picture frame to make it look “built in” and fill the nail holes with spackle.

6.  Touch up the crown molding with paint to make sure it looks beautiful and doesn’t have dull spots from the nail hole putty.

7. Watch TV in style!


Wall Mount TV surroundThat’s really all there is to it! Hope you enjoyed this months project!

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